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Our passion and our commitment are to provide clients with the most stunning views of their property in order to attract the most desirable and motivated buyers, and to help top Southern California real estate agents from  build their own brand as strong as it can be with compelling media and marketing materials.


Founder and Owner | Videographer and Photographer

Chris has been a professional videographer and photographer, specializing in real estate and architecture for the last 12 years. After having achieved a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in information technology from Cal State San Marcos, Chris moved to the desert and built his business. He is a happily married resident of La Quinta, CA, and the proud father of three. An active community member, Chris has served as a volunteer for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team for the last 10 years.


Photographer and Videographer | Licensed, Registered Commercial Drone Pilot

Blake received his first remote-control drone when he was 10 and later acquired a quadcopter drone with the capacity to film from the sky. Since then, he achieved his drone pilot licensing and has totaled over 1,000 hours of flight time using multiple drone varieties. He formerly received his bachelor’s degree at Cal Poly Pomona in Psychology, was VP of his honors society and was published in a psychology journal. Blake is happily married with two daughters and a cherished dog. He and his wife share a love for the theatre arts.

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